COVID-19 pandemic is causing devastating impact in almost every country in the world. India, currently considered in the ‘acceleration phase’ of the virus, has number of positive cases increasing at an exponential rate. The Government’s decision to lockdown the country in order to diminish the spread of the virus has helped in contracting the spread. However, it is also turning into an impediment to underprivileged communities.

The Need

The marginalized, as a result of the lockdown, are out of jobs, forced to move back to their native places and most vulnerable to the pandemic in the absence of face masks, hand sanitizers and basic amenities including food and sanitation.

NSDC Inviting Contributions

NSDC in its endeavour to support the communities, aims to leverage its wide network of skilled workforce and implementation partners to take forward and implement the intentions through a set of models to achieve one inclusive goal – to reach out to underprivileged communities and strengthen their livelihoods.

I hereby agree and acknowledge that the funds provided herewith are being provided under the Corporate Social Responsibility in accordance with  CSR Guidelines

NSDC urges you to contribute to this cause. The contributions will be utilized to support individuals who are currently unable to make ends meet, and communities that are most vulnerable to the virus due to the absence of basic necessities.

How the funds will be utilized?
  • Skilling, up-skilling and re-skilling of Paramedical Staff
  • Production & distribution of necessary amenities: PPE Kits, Masks and Sanitizers
  • Counselling modules in communities
  • eSkilling
  • Promote training in nano entrepreneurship to provide livelihood opportunities
  • Digital literacy, up-skilling and rehabilitation of Migrant Workers